Bhimseni Camphor/ भीमसेनी कापूर 

Do you know the round or square shaped camphor which you burn in your home is impure/ synthetic camphor. It has wax and ,any other chemicals and can be hazardous to your lungs. It also causes pollution..

Camphor is one of the most important samagree required in our Pujas. Offer pure and chemical free things to the God to make your worship pure!

oPandit(dot)com, promotes chemical free worship and chemical free life.

What are the usages of Pure camphor/ Bhimseni Camphor?

  • Burning camphor daily during Puja improves our Aura and hence the Immunity.
  • Gods love Snanam with camphor!
  • Sprinkle camphor powder in the corners of your home and get rid of negativity.
  • Pure camphor increases breathing capacity of the lungs. Inhale in case of breathlessness.
  • Replace chemical based room fresheners with Pure Bhimseni Camphor and get rid of bad odor, cupboard insects in a natural and non harmful way.
  • Keep small amount of camphor in your shoes or socks and get rid of bad odor and skin rashes which arise due to humidity.
  • Bhimseni Camphor is also edible but only with the advise from Ayurvedic Doctor en
  • Use Bhimseni Camphor in the cold and cough, apply the powder gently on forehead and nose. Put in the water before taking the steam. 

So many usages and positive effects of using Pure Camphor! 

Think of a Dharmic Vidhi, Think of oPandit!

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